Zhuhai Gree Electric Enterprise Co.,Ltd.is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Inc. Mainly enaged in product design, manufacture and service of enameled wire, wires and cables, electrical accessories(plug and socket)


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Welfare and other related matters
Gree electric benefits

Social Insurance: the company bears all social insurance in accordance with national regulation.

Accummulation fund: Buy after the regularization,and the company and individual pay half of each

Holidays: Employees are entitled to statutory holidays, work-related injury leave, marriage leave,funeral leave,maternity leave and paid annual leave,etc.

Meal Subsidy of weekdays: Free food, including basic subsidies,calculated by attendance days. Employees are given a meal allowance once they eat in the company canteen(including lunch and dinner).

Meal allowance: Monthly meal allowance.

Afternoon tea: The company provid free tea.

Accommodation: Community management, standard suite 4-5 pepple, equipped with high-speed broadband, air conditioning, color TV, refrigerator, washing machine, 24 hours hot water, independent toilet and wardrobe. No rent, share utilities and TV charge equally.

Housing allowance: Enjoy it after regularization no matter accommodation or not.

transporation: Enjoy it after one year.

Free shuttle: Ofter complimentary shuttlt bus service

Working clothes and personnal protection equipment: Provide free working clothes(long sleeves, short sleeves,coat and jacket etc), paper towel, towel, labor shoes and so on.

Seniority subsidy: Increased year after year with no upper limit after one year

High temperature subsidy: Paid monthly from May to September every year

Recreational facilities: There are table free tennis room,billiards room, library,fitness equipment, basketball court, badminton court in the dormitory. Free WIFI in Yixinyuan library.

Holiday money: Company will credit cash or gifts to employees in the Spring Festival, May Day, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival etc.

Recreational and sports: The company will orgnize various collective activities, such as fun sports meeting, all kinds of ball games, big parties etc.

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