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Copper processing

Product series Category Dimension range (mm) Reference


铜线 Copper wire 裸铜线 Bare copper wire 0.100-3.000mm 客户标准 Customized
裸铜绞线 Bare stranded copper wire 0.5-6mm² 客户标准 Customized
裸铜并线 Bare stranded doubling wire 0.150-0.400mm 最大16股 Max.16 strands 客户标准 Customized
镀锡铜线 Tinned wire 镀锡退火线 Tinned annealed wire 0.100-0.400mm 客户标准 Customized
镀锡绞线 Tinned stranded wire 0.5-6mm² 客户标准 Customized
黄铜切割线 Brae cutting wire 黄铜切割线 Brae cutting wire 0.100-0.300mm 客户标准 Customized
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