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Copper-clad aluminum and aluminum enameled wire

Product series Category Insulation layer Thermal level UL Certification Dimension range (mm) Reference


铜包铝和铝线 Copper Clad Aluminum Wire And Aluminum Wire UE/SB -TL 聚氨酯/黏结层 Polyurethane/Bonding layer 155(F) OR 180(H) ----- 0.200-1.000 客户标准 Customized
UEW-TL 聚氨酯 Polyurethane 130(B) OR 155(F) ----- 0.200-1.000 客户标准 Customized
EI/AIW/A ----- 220(R) ----- 0.200-0.600 客户标准 Customized
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