Zhuhai Gree Electric Enterprise Co.,Ltd.is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Inc. Mainly enaged in product design, manufacture and service of enameled wire, wires and cables, electrical accessories(plug and socket)

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    Test of raw materials
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    Processing quality control
    By installing an online monitoring system on production equipment to check the surface quality and film of the enameled wire, give automatic alarm for abnormal product equipment to ensure machining accuracy and quality stability.
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    Eddy current flaw detector of large drawing machine:The defects of copper rod wire drawing process can be detected online. It’s convenient to use copper wire by grade.

    Online pinhole card nep detector of high speed machine:Effective detection of card neps and pinholes in enamelled wire production process.

    Online pinhole detector of felt machine: Indepently developed and pantented in China.It can effectively detect the pinholes produced during the production of enameled wire.

    Online diameter measurement detector of felt machine: Monitor the outside diameter of enameled wire in real time.

    Routine inspection equipment
    Online tester
    Torsion tester
    Laser tester
    Wires jerk tester
    Elongation tester
    Resilience tester
    Single scrap tester
    Cut-through tester
    Voltage tester
    Winding machine/ Oven
    High pressure pinhole tester
    Friction coefficient tester
    Viscosity strength tester
    Corona-resistance tester
    Resistance tester
    Dielectric loss tester
    Solvent resistance tester
    Test item
    Pinhole Card nep
    Single scrap resistance
    Breakdown voltage
    Heat flush
    Paint film continuity
    Friction coefficient
    Viscosity strength
    Fluoride resistance
    Tg δ
    Solvent resistance
    Research testing equipment
    Reciprocating scrap tester
    Reciprocating winding tester
    Infrared spectrum tester
    Low stress tester
    Energy dispersive spectrometer
    Pointing machine
    Universal tension tester
    Vickers hardness tester
    Full-automatic load displacement curvometer Curve instrument
    Test item
    Scratch resistance
    Qualitative analysis of materials
    Residual stress
    RoHS Hazardous substance
    Strength experiment of metal
    Hardness analysis of metal
    Winding analysis
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    Quality assurance of finished products
    With excellent precision equipment to test the electrical and mechanical properties of enameled wire, including film adhesion, breakdown voltage, film continuity, rebound resilience, scratch resistance, dynamic and static friction coefficient, dielectric loss etc to ensure the products meet the customers quality expectations.
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    Quality tracking
    All test data are stored in the proprietary ERP system, with high traceability to provide data support for continuous and steady improvement of product quality.
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